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Sambucus Elderberry Gummy with Zinc and Vitamin C for Adults

Our natural immune booster is a powerhouse based on the amazing health benefits of Sambucus Elderberry, Zinc and Vitamin C in one tasty, healthy, and delicious gummy. Our gummies can help you beat the common cold and flu symptoms, reduce inflammation and oxidative tissue stress among other benefits. Strengthen your immune system and improve your overall health.  

    Nature’s Potent and Powerful Healing Super fruit

    The use of Elderberry for health purposes can be traced back to 400 BCE, when Hippocrates referred to the elder tree as "medicine chest.

    Elderberries didn’t become popular overnight. The benefits of elderberry have been reaped for 1000s of years for culinary purposes in the kitchen and medicinally due to its versatility. Egyptians have been known to use it in improving their complexions. European herbalists and Native Americans have used it for a range of benefits. These supposed benefits include; as a natural immune booster to help the body fight flu and common colds as well as other respiratory infections among others.

    Sambucus elderberry is known for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immune modulating properties.

    What is Elderberry?

    The word ‘Elderberry’ is associated with several varieties of the Sambucus tree – a flowering plant belonging to the Adoxaceae family. However, the most common type is Sambucus nigra, which is what our gummies are made of and whose benefits have been reaped for centuries. It is also known as the Black Elder or European Elderberry. Elderberries are quite tart, and have to be cooked for consumption.

    They can beused to make delicious jams, juice and pies or even elderberry wine one day and boosting the immune system to defend against common cold and flu, etc. on the next day.

    Our gummies are delicious and fun to consume.


    The Amazing Benefits of Sambucus Elderberry


    #1 Immune System Booster

    Elderberries are packed with antioxidants. They are high in vitamin C, phenolic acids, dietary fiber, anthocyanins as well as flavanols. All these compounds act as Powerful antioxidant sources to support your immune system.

    A research conducted by Dr. Rechkemmer revealed that anthocyanins in elderberries improve the production of Cytokines or proteins, which act as messengers in the immune system.

    Cytokines improve the body’s immune system by working as hormones that may help fight against diseases in the body.


    Common Cold and Flu Symptoms

    Sambucus Elderberries strengthens systems that help defend against common colds and flu. Several studies show that people who take elderberry extracts take a shorter time to recover from common colds and flu symptoms than people who do not take elderberries.

    The elderberry flowers are also ‘anti-catarrhal herbs’; they help in removing mucous and inhibit formation of excessive mucous.

    Supports Heart Health

    Black Elderberries may lower the risk of heart diseases through possibly lowering fat levels, cholesterol in the blood and may reduce uric acid in the blood linked to increasing blood pressure among other benefits.

    They are also rich in flavonoids like anthocyanins, which may lower the risk of cardiovascular or heart disease.

    Reduce Oxidative Tissue Damage

    Elderberry extract can reduce oxidative stress. The extracts are rich in phenolic acids and flavonols such as, quercetin, isorhamnetin, and kaempferol which work towards combating oxidative stress.

    Helps Reduce Inflammation

    Sambucus black Elderberry reduces bruising and inflammation.

    The anthocyanins in elderberries prevent immune cells from producing nitric oxide and thus reduces inflammation.

    Boosts Brain Health

    Elderberries are rich in quercetin, which are vital flavonoids in improving the brain’s health.

    Sambucus black elderberries could help with cognitive health.

    May Improve Skin Health

    Elderberries contain free-radical fighting and anti-aging properties which keep the skin radiant for long.

    They are a detoxifier that may prevent upsetting skin conditions such as scars and breakouts.

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    Get the benefit of 3 Amazing immune boosters in 1 gummy with NutriSproutSambucus Elderberry Gummies with Zinc and Vitamin C. Our Advanced 3-in-1 elderberry for adults’ immune support as well as kids has one of the highest Elderberry Extract potency at 150mg per serving for gummies. Plus, combining it with vitamin c and zinc fortifies and strengthens your immune system like none other.

    Our Triple action Sambucus elderberry with zinc and vitamin c is the ultimate elderberry supplement. Get the benefits of 3 packed in 1 herbal supplement.

    Strengthen or build up your immune defenses by integrating elderberry gummies in your diet. Our formulation combines the benefits of 3 natural immune boosters namely; elderberry, vitamin C, and zinc in 1 single gummy.Add content

    Sambucus Elderberry 

    Has multiple health benefits to the individual’s body. It boosts the body’s immunity helping it defend against common colds and flu among other benefits.


    Trace element necessary for a healthy immune system and metabolism. It is vital for an individual’s health since; it can help to heal wounds, improve sense of smell and taste, as well as help in fighting common colds, to name a few. 

    Vitamin C 

    Safest and most effective nutrient for revving up the immune health. It can help in fighting prenatal health problems, support cardiovascular health, skin wrinkling, and eye health. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that offers protection against toxic chemicals, pollutants, and free radicals.

    ✔️ Delicious & Great TASTING Black Elderberry Gummies: Our amazing Sambucus black elderberry gummies has been blended to the optimum proportions to give an impeccable tasting gummy. NutriSprout Sambucus elderberry with zinc and vitamin c tastes great and are also awesome with regards to performance.

    ✔️ FINEST Natural ingredients available: Only the highest quality ingredients available are sourced to ensure you get the best elderberry supplement on the market. Our gummies are non-GMO, gluten free, dairy free and Vegan friendly.

    ✔️ Clinically Proven Standardized Formula Quality for OPTIMUM Performance: Effectiveness is key. NutriSprout elderberry supplements are manufactured in the U.S.A following strict quality control protocols. A science-based approach is used and our standardized Elderberry Extract 30:1(Sambucus nigra) ensures you are getting enough necessary nutrients for effectiveness. Our gummies are manufactured in a GMP Certified and FDA registered facility. They are also 3rd Party Tested.

    Other Amazing Elderberry Health Benefits

    The perfect herb with healing properties for a variety of uses. If you’re feeling a bit fuzzy or under the weather, elderberry will help by giving your body the reinforcement to boost your immune system.The antioxidant properties in elderberries support the reduction of reactive molecules that cause oxidative stress. This may lower the chances of chronic diseases.

    Elderberry acts as a diuretic which may assist the kidneys to flush out toxins frequently by increasing urination.

    It’s also anti-inflammatory, helps improve skin health and provide an overall health boost.


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